Thursday, September 6, 2007

Office 2.0 Thursday AM Notes:

People enjoy collaborating
Cultural adoption don't send docs, send links
Decisions: what do I need to know?
What do I need to produce ?
What do I need to communicate ?
(where's the value?)

Pan for gold, I Love Lucy skit in my inbox, email is my favorite app?

Enterprise 2.0:
Mgmnt support
Top down - mgrs can lead the way
Training- not how but why and what's different
Templating no blank page
Solving problems

Adoption: New tool must be 9x better than what it replaces (9x better
than email?)

No Long Tail of users, small percentage of people participating in
Enterprise can be a small number (top small)

Feed the open mouths, don't force others. Be patient

Morgan Stanley created system to convert email groups to discussion

(Office 2.0 Thursday Morning Notes)

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