Monday, November 3, 2008

Your Church Doesn’t Want Me To...

I understand that your church doesn’t want me to be married. Fortunately, I don’t want your church to marry me.

However, if we (California) allow your church to make this decision, then what is the next right your church will eliminate?
Here is a list of rules that some churches have:
* Abortions not allowed
* Divorces not allowed
* Contraception not allowed
* Follow the “Ten Commandments
* Follow the “Five Pillars of Islam
* Obey the “Seven Laws of Noah”
* Don’t drink alcohol (ever, or on certain days)
* Don’t drink caffeine
* Don’t eat pork

I can think of lots of rules that different churches may have. The thought that these rules can become, or already are, laws is horrifying. The creators of the United States of America, fortunately, thought this was so important that they actually wrote it into our Constitution (you can read that here) . I’m pretty sure this is exactly what they were talking about.

When you vote on November 4, think of how many laws you want written by a church. Then, think of all the laws that could be written by someone else's church. Vote No to laws from churches. Vote No on Prop 8.

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