Wednesday, July 27, 2011

For a Company That Sells Productivity, A Space That Fosters It (37Signals)

Inside 37signals' new office in Chicago.

When you're a company that focuses on productivity tools, you set a high bar for your own practices. For the last seven years,37signals, a company that produces products like the project management software Campfire and Basecamp, as well as the popular blog Signal vs. Noise, prided themselves on their flexible working habits, even though those habits were born out of necessity. (read full article here: )

Plus a video: 

Jason Fried of 37Signals ( interestingly, they make collaborative web-based products like Basecamp and Campfire), speaking about how workspaces need to be sure to provide quiet areas to help employees concentrate, as well as providing areas to converse and socialize. I thought it was interesting that they are trying to have the area be fairly quiet, but it's 10,000 square feet! There's also an article describing the materials and design of the new space; personally, I think the felt looks great, and I bet it is fantastic at dampening sound.

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