Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Where to Sit?

This week the San Jose Mercury News had a couple of articles on what workspaces should look like:
I’m thinking there are three options on where to sit for work:
1. In a company location with your coworkers (teammates).
Ideally, I think that looks like a plush corner office for each, with an open area with tools for collaborating:
  • comfy chairs
  • white boards
  • table
  • projector for laptop plus display device/ area
  • electrical & network outlets for laptops when necessary

2. In a company location without your coworkers.
But, why come into work if there’s no one there to work with? I’m not sure about this one, when I do this for some reason (go into an office when none of my coworkers are there), I usually just wind up sitting in a “closed office” so I can close the door when I’m on the phone. Sometimes, if I’m mostly going to be in face-to-face meetings that day, I might just go sit in our “Work Café.” This is a very open area, so it doesn’t work very well when I’m on the phone. But, if others I know are around, I might run into them. I can at least watch people walking by.

3. Not even in a company location (working from home, car, coffee shop).

While I think, for me, #1 would be my most productive (and probably enjoyable) location, I haven’t been in the same geographical area with my coworkers in a few years. On my current team, only one other member of my team is even in California (I’m in the Bay Area). So #1 isn’t possible for me with my current workgroup and project list.

However, I do sometimes come into an office, usually when my coworkers are here for some reason. On those occasions, while I may do my own work in a Work Café or reserve a space to sit in, when we meet up to discuss our work, I’d like all of those collaborating tools listed above. And, when I’m not in a company location, how can I have a similar experience as in #1?

I now wonder if some of the projects, and teammates, I’ve had have just been because of where I sat?

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