Friday, October 26, 2007

CSI:NY and Second Life

The CSI:New York episode this week was about Second Life, and a lot of the tv show seemed like it took place in the "real" regular Second Life. I believe they took some liberties around how to get clothes, etc., for appearance, and I have no idea if the gladiator fighting is something that can actually take place in Second Life. 

Why did the suspect drop her shoes when she fell in the hole? What was the hole? okay, so I do have a few questions around what was actually "gameplay" and what was faked.

Also, they are running a game in SL where you get to be a virtual CSI in virtual New York:

There are video tutorials that may be useful for other SL users, although all of the crime-scene tape and dead bodies may be off-putting (or not).

You can watch the CSI: New York "Down the Rabbit Hole" episode here.

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